Tuesday, September 20, 2011


    beef bulgogi bun

    Here are the snapshots that I promised from Smorgasburg. Like I'd mentioned earlier, we didn't have as much time as anticipated to sample more but we were satisfied with what we got. The view was amazing as well with the clouds clearing over Manhattan so we ate our food right by the waterfront. Someone left a comment on my last post wondering how I could wear shorts in seemingly cold weather but the photos are deceiving: it was actually hot and humid. TOO hot and humid. One of my friends actually asked me how I could go out in a long sleeved shirt and hat... I don't know what I was thinking either.

    chicken tacos
    beef bulgogi bun
    shrimp balls
    hot dog

    From top to bottom: Choncho's chicken tacos, beef bulgogi bun from We Rub You, hot dog from Asia Dog, shrimp teriyaki balls from Mimi and Coco.

    in heaven

    Looking back I wish we hadn't missed most of the vendors since I have no idea when I'll be back. I was bummed that I didn't get to buy anything from Whimsy & Spice since Jenna has been one of my favorite bloggers for quite some time now (thank for trying to get Mark to look out for me while he was packing up, I wish it had worked out!) For years I've been meaning to order something from their store but keep slipping up... I finally got my chance at Dean & Deluca right before I left and picked up a pack of brown sugar gingerspice cookies for Brent since he's also a fan. Unfortunately I didn't even get to try one since he took them with him to work and finished them all on Bart without saving me one. Rude!

    all donepier
    east river

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