Monday, April 4, 2011

Too Exciting for My Eyes


    (Vintage denim shirt & skirt, Mom's lace top, Sigerson Morrison lace up heels, Ray Ban Aviators, YSL ring, Anarchy Street bracelets )

    Woke up at 8am which is super early for Sundays to go to the Alameda Antiques Fair (basically a fancy name for a flea market). If Wesley Mason hadn't given me a reality check, I would've walked out with a giant Chanel Logo that lights up, a giant 'S' for 'Song', a steer head (which I already own, but I found a better one!) and about 10 African masks that I liked. Instead, we walked out with a very selective items which include, a tiny Buddha that Wesley Mason was obsessed with and a giant African mask that we were both obsessed with.

    I'd say it was a pretty successful trip except for the part where we couldn't get into a car and I saw my boyfriend freak out for the first time.

    (btw, I switched to my sandals after 30minutes of walking in heels and almost tripping over wires and furniture a few times.)

    *Update* The fur is faux from Style by Marina, and it was a really sunny day but windy in the morning so I had my jacket on and got lazy to carry it once it got hot...... and no, my legs weren't cold. Thank you!

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Too Exciting for My Eyes

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