Monday, April 25, 2011

The hunt was on..

    ..I was totally bummed when I missed out on the gorgeous TOPSHOP Round Amber Chain Box Bag (specimen A)..
    Then on the OFFICE Engraved Metal bag, that Mandy of Oracle Fox so kindly shared with us.. Or shall I say TORTURED ME WITH!! (specimen B)..
    The loss of both are still really hard for me to talk about.. But finally tonight, when for a split second all was forgotten..
    I struck gold! Or more so silver, when I came across the last beaut on asos.
    The Park Lane Metal Over Body Bag - asos I love you!!

    Mission 'make Liv happy' Complete!

    Well, until I see Rumi sporting specimen A again on one of her always beautiful outfit posts...

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The hunt was on..

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