Thursday, March 24, 2011

Charlie Hunter Paille (Marilyn, NY): does castings in Lower Manhattan

    Charlie Hunter Paille, a model with her own line of clothing

    Charlie reworked this vintage coat by adding the straps herself.

    the "world is your oyster". Or should I say all that jewelry!

    Finding inspiration in photography is normal as she carries her camera with her wherever she goes.

    Finding inspiration on the subway between castings--possible

    Charlie journals her inner thoughts in a diary, away from the world and through the peace of her pen

    After time at Starbucks, back on the go between castings. Here rushing to Soho, then back to Union Square, then to the East Village. Repeat times two.

    "my way" tattoo

    Charlie wears her own creation, a Charlie Hunter Paille lace mini to a casting. The inspiration for this dress came from a photo she saw of Kate Moss. The dress took her about 2 hours to sew after she had the fabric cut at a garment store.

    When a approaching castings, Charlie goes into model mode, with a James Bond like focus

    In between castings, Charlie finds time to indulge her taste for Post Punk London music

    which includes an ethereal appreciation for The Sex Pistols

    Or sometimes dreams of Punk Rock music in from the 70's, like the Ramones

    In her appreciation for the punk rock music and influence on clothes, she often finds herself at Search and Destroy

    and loves to shop at Trash and Vaudeville for inspiration too.

    She once made an ice cream statue as a child (5 yrs) and later had a tattoo made in remembrance of it.

    1 of 3 daily meals here included fresh organic greens from Quintessence, one of the East Village's most famous raw/vegan restaurants.

    Taking time again after eating to collect her thoughts.

    One more trip to Search and Destroy won't hurt before ending the day!

    Calling it a day.

    Charlie Hunter Paille, a name that brings with it not only the privilege of own design and label, but a broad spectrum of interests from photography to fashion design to modeling. If Charlie's not busy scooting around the world's cities to castings, you can bet you'll find her rocking out to some Sex Pistols music or alternately, peacefully sewing a new masterpiece of masculine leather straps onto a more feminine foundation.

    Charlie (Marilyn, NY) is a graduate of Montréal's Collège LaSalle with a major in Fashion Design. The following is but a brief glimpse into the world of Charlie Hunter Paille, a world full of castings, subway travel, dietary requirements, and time travel into London's Post Punk Era of the late 1970's. It also doesn't hurt that today is Charlie's birthday. Happy birthday Charlie!

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Charlie Hunter Paille (Marilyn, NY): does castings in Lower Manhattan

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