Tuesday, February 22, 2011

orange and green

    vintage duffle coat, Gap jeggings, A.P.C. shirt, Jcrew socks, Coach purse, Rachel Comey platform clogs via Jeremy's

    Two posts in a row wearing the same coat. Why? Because it's cold and I don't own very many coats! And man, I love this coat, best $3 I've ever spent on something that wasn't food. Does that make me boring? Sure, I'll take that. I haven't really been shopping in over a month (not including the jacket that my parents bought me for Chinese New Year or the random vintage t-shirt that I got at Painted Bird because it reminded me of one that my mom had) but there hasn't been anything new that I've wanted or needed other than new stationary or a desk plant. It feels nice to be content with your wardrobe without constantly wanting and needing more. I think I should probably get rid of more clothes but for now I'm keeping what I have with a few scattered exceptions.

    Also, the post title reminds me of this one time 10 years ago in 7th grade when we were playing a trivia game in class and one of the questions asked for the school colors of some university that I can't remember so I said the first two colors which popped into my head: orange and green. No clue what I was thinking about but the boys in my class teased me about it for the rest of the year by shouting "ORANGE AND GREEN! ORANGE AND GREEN!" every time they saw me. Man, I forgot how much junior high sucked.


    Oh, and the shoes. I bought these almost 90% off retail a month ago and I've been wearing them a lot (which you can tell by the love scuffs in the close up photo). Somehow I paid less for these than the worn pair that I scored at Buffalo Exchange but I really lucked out at the Jeremy's in Berkeley this time thanks to a friend who works there and texted me when they came in. I even saw the same pair at a local shoe store still being sold at full price. Seriously, if you haven't been to either location yet, go.


    ps. I'm also selling a brand new A.P.C. Madras dress (with tags) in a size medium...

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orange and green

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