Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Day I Met Jeff Lewis

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    When my friend from my old job at the Design Center told me that Jeff Lewis was coming to speak, I totally freaked out, booked my flight back to SF a day earlier than I had planned, told Wesley Mason, and went to the event together to see him. For those who don't know who Jeff Lewis is, in short, he is a house flipper turned interior designer who is a crazy narcissist with major OCD and a sarcastic humor that I absolutely love and has his own reality show called Flipping Out.
    Growing up in LA and having friends in the entertainment industry, I've seen a lot of celebrities and I normally don't get nervous, ever. However, when I was about to meet Jeff Lewis and his long time assistant Jenni Pulos, I got nervous and my stomach started to hurt. This is the guy, since 2 years ago, that I wanted to be like and is kind of like my career role model. Yes, he has some life issues and is still single at the age of forty which won't be me unless Wesley Mason dumps me but every time I see him on TV, I feel like our personalities and goals in life are so much alike especially when it comes to being very blunt and wanting to be successful in this industry. (I almost got fired at my old retail job for telling female customers how they really look when they asked me for my opinion on the outfits they chose. I'm bad at sugar coating so I come off rude)


    So what did I say to him? I told him that since 2 years ago, my goal was to be like him. I told him I'm a fashion blogger and an interior designer and in a recent interview I did with a fashion magazine they asked me, "What would you like to be doing in 5 years?" and my answer was, "I want to be the female version of Jeff Lewis minus the drama."
    I honestly can't remember what he said but I remember him being super happy and his breathe smelled nice and apparently I like to talk with my hands.
    Seriously, I love you Jeff Lewis and... where is Zoila?

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The Day I Met Jeff Lewis

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