Monday, January 17, 2011

this is a post about mike


    There you go, Mike. Happy? Earlier today we went to Tartine for some sandwiches and coffee. After a failed attempt to get soft serve ice cream at Bi-Rite, we took the J downtown so Mike could buy a pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses at Barney's. I'm on a shopping ban until I finish cleaning out my closet so I forced myself to stay away from the 60% off shoe section... hardest thing ever. Around this time I usually save up enough money for a special shoe purchase (a couple months ago it was that pair of Miu Miu clogs) but I can't really do that at the moment since I'm in the process of starting a new part of my life after graduating. After Barney's we ended up at Bastille where I watched Brent buy a Flippa K shirt and oversized red sweater. If you're in the city and haven't been there yet you should check it out, they have a pretty good selection of Fjallraven backpacks. I almost bought a mini kanken in my favorite shade of bright green but ughhhhhhhhh. Maybe I'll go back later.

    Well I guess this wasn't really about Mike but hey, isn't that picture enough? We like to go to Taco Bell together and when he's playing World of Warcraft he'll buy me a burrito from Papalote if I go pick it up for us. Sometimes we get into fights about who gets to spend time with Brent but in the end we always make up...

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this is a post about mike

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