Wednesday, August 11, 2010

new hair and a trip to porto's bakery

    new hairnew hair
    la dama crystal bullet necklace, t by alexander wang striped top

    Quick trip to LA, no time to do anything but see family, cut my hair (bleh), and attend the Real Madrid game which has been, by far, the highlight of my summer. I still can't believe I was right behind Iker Casillas, the best goalie in the world (even though my favorite Mexican player Chicharito scored against him today, har har har...) while also seeing so many of my favorite players in action. It was so surreal. Other than that, this weekend was uneventful. I usually make a point of swinging by Porto's on my way to my parent's from the Burbank Airport but this time I went right before my flight. I'd only been here for lunch once or twice (the rest of the time we just pick up pastries to go) but I had time to kill before my flight so hey, why not?

    But before we get to the food, I'll state the obvious: YES, I cut my hair again. I'd been wanting to do it for a while (the last time I cut it this short was four years ago before college) and finally bit the bullet (lol necklace, get it). I really like it but my hair won't airdry well with this cut so I'm stuck styling it until it grows out a little. Oh well.

    ham & cheese croissant
    steak torta

    Mom had the ham & cheese croissant, my brother had the steak torta, and I had the medianoche which contained layers of ham & pork between buttered buns (oh dear) with mustard and pickles. See those plantain chips? I could eat those all day, every day. Also worth mentioning is their horchata smoothie which includes a bit of caramel drizzled on the bottom... so decadent. I remember 7-11 tried to come out with frozen horchatas but they weren't this delicious. I must try making that one day. Brenty and I made homemade horchata once (which was quickly spiked with rum) and it came out quite well.

    steak torta
    horchata smoothie

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new hair and a trip to porto's bakery

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