Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the hot tub's too hot

    modcloth blushing ambition dress, vintage loafers + sunglasses

    Classic example of always wanting what you can't have: a couple days ago I was complaining about how cold it's been all summer and today I am reduced to one big pile of sweat in 90+ degree weather. I finally got to wear my namesake dress from Modcloth with this change in weather but still, why couldn't it go from 60s to upper 70s instead of jumping 30 whole degrees in a few days? Yeah, yeah, it could be much worse but jeeeeez. I'm just not used to this. I can't even form full sentences.

    Wore this out to get ice cream and shop around Hayes Valley for a little. Brent bought a pair of awesome woven YMC oxfords while I oogled these Rachel Comey booties at Gimme shoes. One positive thing about the heat? My inability to spend money and buy any new clothes or shoes when all I wanted to do at that moment was to take everything off and lay around in an air conditioned room. If this weather continues into the school year I am going to pull a tantrum à la Zack Galifinakis: "IT'S NOT FUN WHEN IT'S SO HOT!!"

    ETA: I look way too happy in these photos. I think it was the 6:00pm breeze that was rolling in, holy shit that felt so good. I just can't function in the heat, that's why I live in the bay area after all...


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the hot tub's too hot

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