Saturday, June 19, 2010

still not a great blogger...

    lanston top (thanks Carly at Marked PR!), citizens of humanity jeans, thrifted lace up booties (not pictured)

    Too lazy to put on shoes, but hey! I'm blogging. At this point I should be called the Queen of Comfort since most of the week I'm stuck in this long sleeved top + skinny jeans + lace up boots uniform with very little variations. This may have been the only day in the past week that I haven't woken up at 7am to watch the World Cup. The earliest games for those of us on the West Coast are actually at 4:30am, but I end up catching those on my computer while I watch another game. I also end up missing some of the later 11:30am games due to work but again, I somehow always manage to catch the ESPN3 replays. My three favorite teams are Spain, Mexico, and the USA: while I was raised watching and rooting for Mexico, since I'm American, I'm inclined to support USA, even if they did upset my team Spain in the Confederations Cup last year. La Furia Roja has been my favorite team to watch these past few years (love you #14 Alonso!) and although they were unlucky and lost their first game against Switzerland, it's about time they finally won a World Cup.

    I've been getting complaints about how obsessed I am on Twitter which don't really phase me of course, but I can't help but think that some people really aren't giving the World Cup a chance, especially here in the US. I was raised in a family that only played and watched football so it's natural for me to be this into it but I've talked to a couple people who never really understood it until they tuned in and began to comprehend how wonderful The Beautiful Game is on this global scale. Where else will you see people from all over the world so obsessively united behind one sport? Maybe the Olympics, but there are so many different events to watch that it's difficult to be into every single one of them. When you do find a team to root for, you end up so caught up in the game that you'll find yourself screaming at the TV after every play, call, and goal. If you're American and you still haven't seen any of USA's games, please watch their next one against Algeria. If they win, they have a chance to advance to the next round!

    lanston tops

    Sorry guys, I'll try my best to post. My current schedule consists of World Cup games, work, sleep, and spending some time with friends or BF. I've been receiving a couple exciting emails and packages in the mail and have been trying to figure out how to share it with everyone (hint hint: another giveaway maybe?)

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still not a great blogger...

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