Saturday, February 6, 2010

short but sweet

    roasted tomato soup


    all done

    la boulange

    blue bottle coffee


    after american rag

    A day with Pikachu: roasted tomato soup at La Boulange, failed shopping for black jeans in Hayes Valley, latte and cappuccino from Blue Bottle, super sale at American Rag (scored vintage cape, two pairs of April 77s and Swedish Hasbeens, ahh!), and the purchase of a very special bear plush in Japantown. And at night: Korean food and karaoke with Philip, Lulu and Aimee and her boyfriend (which consequently led to my losing my voice...). I had a blast anyway.

    I was a little shaken up earlier after finding out about something that happened back home but I feel much better now. I'm told it wasn't too serious but of course I'm the type of person to freak out and expect the worse. This is probably the first time in the past four years that it actually hit me how far away from home I am. Ahh, well.

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short but sweet

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