Tuesday, January 12, 2010

as close as i'll ever get to a makeup post

    mac morange

    mac fluidline

    I get a good amount of emails and comments requesting that I divulge my makeup routine but sadly, it's really nothing special. For some reason I've only ever been comfortable with buying mostly MAC makeup since I first started putting anything on my face in high school. I've gone through various phases that may or may not involve unnecessary amounts of eyeliner but at the moment I'm most comfortable with the fastest routine I can come up with.

    I typically start with the Clinique 3-step system (although I do cut corners by washing my face in the shower, hehe) and make sure to moisturize before anything since I tend to have flaky skin. I then apply concealer to any spots that need coverage before I finish it off with MAC's studio fix which is both a foundation and powder in one. Sometimes I also put on a little blush which sadly is no longer available since it is from the Fafi x MAC collaboration a few years back.

    My eye make-up routine varies: when I want big lashes I go with Maybelline's Great Lash mascara (which in my opinion beats out all of the more expensive brands I've tried, even Diorshow) or if I'm really pressed for time, I skip the mascara and just put black eyeliner on the crease of my lower eyelids. I also like to experiment with the cat eye liner look on my upper eyelids every so often, except I haven't been able to recently up until today since I ran out of my fluidline eyeliner in blacktrak. If you like the cat eye look you should definitely try this. I prefer it to liquid liner since it is not as messy and applying it with an angled brush produces more precise lines than a pencil.

    As for lipstick, I have a couple MAC shades that I like such as matte ones like Please Me (the pink one I usually wear) but today I also acquired Morange after catching on to the orange lip fever. A lot of you have asked about my red lipsticks: usually I alternate between YSL's Opium Red which is more neutral with hint of lustre and MAC's Russian Red which is a cooler shade with a matte finish. Oh, and finally, I have a really bad problem with dry lips (which BF likes to point out all the time) and I opt for the classic Rosebud Salve for routine conditioning. Okay, maybe not that routine, since the problem continues to persist...

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as close as i'll ever get to a makeup post

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