Wednesday, December 9, 2009

drowning in sweaters

    vintage cardigan, zara scarf, anthropologie boots, target socks

    Still trying to figure out where the best place is to take outfit shots. These were actually taken with me standing on top of our entertainment center after lugging an HDTV off of it. It's a tedious process but it's my favorite so far. Next I'm trying the parking lot behind my apartment, once I get used to the cold of course. This paper calls for a significant amount of indoor time and I've only really left my place to buy food and candy. I actually managed to go out in this yesterday without freezing too badly. The sheer tights may seem impracticable but my legs never get as cold as my upper body so I was fine. I may be letting go (and regretting the loss of) so many of my oversized sweaters but this one is definitely a keeper. I love sweaters that are as warm as coats without the bulky stiffness.

    Thanks for the emails inquiring about the items in my shop. Most of them are already purchased but I'm thinking of squeezing in a bigger update by next week. Twitter followers usually get first dibs since I update that first! I also just uploaded two more items which I'm selling for a friend: a sample Vena Cava top and vintage striped dress!

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drowning in sweaters

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