Wednesday, December 2, 2009

avocado and grape tomato salad with shrimp

    avocado and grape tomato salad with shrimp

    Now that I have a working camera I can document more food adventures! This avocado and grape tomato salad is easy enough to make for a bonehead like me since there's no cooking involved. See, I can get around without BF cooking for me, alright? Anyway, after a spur of the moment Whole Foods trip to drown my sorrows with cheese (yes, cheese) I decided to make this salad.

    halfed grape tomatoes
    italian parsley

    First I took a pint of grape tomatoes, cut them in half, and added them to the bowl. Then I chopped half a cup of Italian parsley and added it, although in retrospect cilantro may have been better. I guess it just depends on what you prefer but next time I'm trying the latter. Or maybe both, hmm.

    chopped onions

    Next come the diced onion. I hate chopping onions more than anything and this time I actually had to step away for a couple minutes because my eyes were so messed up. I'm also surprised I managed to not cut myself doing this. Obviously I don't belong in the kitchen.

    avocado in

    Next come the avocados. I actually didn't start eating avocados until recently when I stopped being so picky. I mean, come on, I live in freaking California! Whole Food's organic Hass avocados were perfect for this dish.

    black truffle oil

    Okay, then comes a tablespoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of oil. I bought this black truffle oil on a whim and man, is it strong. You can easily substitute extra virgin olive oil for it of course.

    tablespoon of oil

    Finally, season it with sea salt and we're done! Simple, easy, and delcious. No stove involved! Oh wait... actually, I ended up adding shrimp. I picked up a pound of gulf shrimp at Whole Foods at a ridiculous price and couldn't help adding it to my salad! Did you know that most of the shrimp we eat are exported? Gulf shrimp come straight from Louisiana so they're much more fresh! Anyway, I just cooked them in boiling water with the shell on and peeled them after. Aren't they cute? Oh my little shrimp!

    gulf shrimp

    (I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'm the only person I know who thinks of food as "cute"...)

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avocado and grape tomato salad with shrimp

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