Sunday, October 18, 2009

how to use a point-and-shoot camera

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    I'm getting more and more frustrated with the condition of my point-and-shoot camera every day. The lens only pops out correctly 30% of the time now and doesn't focus as well as it used to. I've always thought about getting a DSLR but I was so attached to and content with the little bugger that I always dismissed it. I mean, why bother when most people are surprised to find out that I don't already own a DSLR? But now... well, now that it isn't working it seems necessary. Since it's so close to my birthday (November 29th) I'm just going to ask my dad for one but I'm starting to get a little impatient and I'm tempted to ask for it a month early.

    The secret behind making a point-and-shoot camera work well is simple: take advantage of every setting possible and know how to manipulate the light around you. Ideally you want to aim for taking photos in really good lighting; the more lighting you have, the less you have to adjust the shutter speed and end up with blurry pictures. Tripods are also useful since they help produce clearer photos and are more reliable than a hand attempting to be steady. The above photos were taken in a well lit place using the macro setting (usually indicated by a flower) and a tripod. The more familiar you are with your camera, the more reliable your photos will be so play around with the settings and find out what works best for you. DSLRS don't automatically produce spectacular photos and it's up to the user's ability to use it to its fullest extent and the same applies to point-and-shoot cameras.

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    Taking these photos took two or three times longer than usual because of my broken camera but I managed to pull it off somehow. I just put up a ton of items for sale on my blog so go check them out! Somehow this batch seemed to take the most effort out of me because they're things I'd love to keep but just can't because of the space in my closet. It's already taken a lot to stop myself from taking down at least two of the posts! I listed mostly fall items which are perfect for the weather right now including a couple sweaters, jackets, and tops.

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how to use a point-and-shoot camera

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