Tuesday, October 6, 2009

can't think of a semi-clever title now, sorry

    thrifted plaid shirt, bdg jeans, vintage flats, jimmy choo glasses

    Visited Brent at work (Vintage Berkeley, for any of you who want to stalk/buy wine from him) today with some Chipotle. We spent a very nice couple of days together with friends and family but the weekend's over and it's time to get back into our routines. I usually look like [insert expletive here] on Mondays and since I, umm, mentioned something about this being a "lifestyle" blog, I thought it would only be fitting that I show you guys what I really look like on a lazy day. Sorry about the terrible quality of the photos but I'm pretty sure I mentioned that my camera is broken and I won't be getting an slr until my birthday in two months, ugh. The focus is terrible now but it'll have to suffice for the time being. I also sneaked in a couple of pictures of Brent who cut his hair at Vidal Sassoon this past Thursday and looks adorable with it. Should I get a haircut? I've toyed with the idea of a drastic change since I'm so fickle about my appearance but I know I'd regret it like I did the last time I cut it before starting college. I've been growing my hair out for more than three years and it would seem like such a waste to give up on it now. It's tough being this indecisive.

    still workingworking

    Anyway, back to the boyfriend. What else is there to say? Oh, I remember: I'd been trying to get him to stop wearing his decrepit Varvatos for Converse sneakers for a while and he finally put on his old boots for me. I think my heart skipped a little when I saw him wearing them yesterday with a black Acne pullover sweater because it reminded me of having a gigantic crush on him when we were still friends at Berkeley. If you're reading this, Pika (which I know you are), please wear them more often! Speaking of Pika reading my blog, I get very flustered when he tries to look at it in front of me. Have any of you ever felt weird about the intersections between your internet and actual lives? I mean, I have friends whom I've met from the internet and have had conversations about blogs in real life, but I'm still a little weird about mentioning my blog to other friends. I suppose I shouldn't be so shy around Brent concerning these things since he is, of course, the one who's living with two friends he met while playing World of Warcraft... oh dear, I'll save that one for later. Let's just say that until now, I'd never dated anyone who loves the internet as much as I do and it's such a relief that I've found my perfect match.


    I don't mean to be one of those girls who talks incessantly about her boyfriend but come on, isn't he cute? It's very hard not to talk about someone this much when he's so integrated into my life and contributes to so much of my happiness. I mean, who else would surprise me with macarons on the third date or share my love for making strange noises and inventing weird nicknames? Oh my little 'chu, I luh you!


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can't think of a semi-clever title now, sorry

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