Thursday, October 22, 2009

autumn? what autumn?

    vintage skirt worn as dress, thrifted loafers, bdg cardigan

    Holy crap, I just put myself on the degree list for graduation in Spring 2010. It felt a little surreal to enter my home address as the destination to which my diploma will be mailed but hey, I made it. Consequently, I also came to the conclusion that four years was not enough to get used to this unpredictable Bay Area weather. I mean, really, what kind of place has a huge storm on one day and is cloudless and sunny the next? In the middle of October?! Are you serious?!

    I found these unworn loafers in my closet post cleaning spree a couple weeks and have been wearing them consistently on weekdays since. I swear they weren't this loose on my feet when I first started wearing them, I guess I just overdid it and stretched them out. I must have a weird walk or something because most of my shoes are "loved" to the point where they're beyond any sort of repair and should go straight to the trash bin. Remember my lace-up cutout oxfords? Yeah, I shouldn't be wearing them anymore (but I still do anyway...)

    PS: Did anyone notice that I moved my belt in the first picture? I had originally cinched it at my hips which gave it a bubble-like effect but it was too short to be decent so I moved it back to the waist. I love the floral print and wish I had found it a couple months ago for spring/summer but this weather is crazy enough to allow a chance to wear it.


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autumn? what autumn?

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