Monday, September 7, 2009

first date (or something like that)

    vintage romper

    Technically Brent and I never did have a first date since what one would count as such started out as a shopping excursion which then turned into a mutual consensus of "hey, let's finally start dating after a year or so of crushes overshadowed by a mask of friendship." Luckily with a boyfriend like him, even the laziest of days sitting around and doing nothing can be special, but in any case, it's always fun to spice things up with cute little dinner dates like these. Today we met up at Corso in North Berkeley after he got off work early where I wore my favorite vintage floral romper.

    pasta with braised beef and pork
    duck leg risotto

    We started off with a caprese salad and a lemonade for me and campari cocktail for him. Brent had been here before and chose the risotto with duck leg while I went for what he usually gets, a savory pasta with braised beef and pork. Not bad for a cute little date! It's funny to think that just a few months ago we were wrapping up our little shopping date while maintaining awkward small talk over lunch at some sandwich place on Fillmore. Now our conversations range from possible names for a puppy (preferably a miniature dachshund) to our hypothetical babies and how cute they would be (hah). Nope, not awkward at all... although it does feel like we've been dating much longer than we actually have. Probably because we were friends for so long before this and could have started dating much sooner if one of us had made a move.


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first date (or something like that)

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