Tuesday, August 11, 2009

kiss me thru the phone~

    Tidbits of my life these past few days via my new Blackberry Curve 8900, newest to oldest.

    Pika being Pika. We spent two or so weeks apart and then he left for a few days right when I came back. Talk about bad timing.

    Skirt that I bought at a Forever 21 which used to be a Mervyns. We were killing time before sushi and ended up at my least favorite mall back home. The bigger the F21, the less I am able to find but this time I found this skirt by the cash registers.

    I left the shoes at the BF's so I haven't been able to take any pictures but I promise I will soon. For those of you who haven't seen my Twitter, I scored a pair of killer black heels at the Marc Jacobs store for $20. I couldn't believe it either when the girl working there asked if I was a 9 1/2 because the shoes were super marked down when they were clearing out the store! Original price? $645, still on the box. What?!

    Very bad outfit shot at Zara while waiting for Lulu. I hadn't worn my Prada booties out in a while so it was a bitch to get around and I had to buy flip flops at H&M. Could have easily taken real pictures but I've been terribly lazy. Wearing a thrifted blazer, H&M top, Alexander Wang skirt, and Bottega Veneta clutch.

    Sneaked a picture of Camille at lunch. It was nice seeing her but she had to leave early for her flight so that left Lulu and me to wander around Union Square. Next time we'll have more time for sure! Talked about being bad bloggers among other things.

    Delicious burger from Zuni Cafe in San Francisco. Need to go back there soon.

    BF's new apartment from the outside. Its above a cute little French restaurant and has incredibly high ceilings. One of these days I'll take a photo which puts things into perspective because all the ones I've taken do it no justice.

    Pika's sister created and framed this amazing drawing of Karl Lagerfeld based on this picture from the New Yorker for his birthday and it's currently hanging in the hallway. Love you, Karl.

    The windows in the living room of the apartment. This is basically what you see when you look out from the couch. My latest project involves trying to clean those monstrous windows on the outside but they are seriously ten feet high and it's impossible to do it by hand.

    Last night in LA, caught the ball from Loney's ground-rule double. Dodgers lost but made an amazing effort to come back in the 9th inning. Definitely one of the best games I've been to.

    God, I love Dodger Stadium. I may love San Francisco but LA will always be my number one. When it comes to sports, at least. Well, there's a bunch of others but these should suffice for now. Real post coming tomorrow or this weekend, I hope. Just so you know, the more anon comments I get about my lack of posting, the less I want to update. Call me a bad blogger but the last thing I want is for this to become a chore.

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kiss me thru the phone~

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