Thursday, August 27, 2009

back to school, not so cool (but food will always make things better)

    acne shirt, vintage skirt, thrifted oxfords

    I started out the day wearing something completely different but first I spilled ketchup on my vintage blouse and two hour later I snagged my green skirt on a branch. When you add that to the frustrations I'm facing with getting into a certain class today was just not my day. As I stated the last post, the comments and emails have made me feel so much better and I appreciate everyone's love and words of encouragement!

    So I changed my clothes and tried to start the day afresh. After all, all I can really do at this point is keep my chin up and hope for the best since there is always a bright side to every misfortune. My favorite shirt always knows how to make me feel better (and somehow magically never stains considering my perpetual clumsiness) tucked into a vintage tweed skirt (with pockets!!) and lace-up oxfords. Very 60s college student, no? I wonder if they had these problems getting into classes 40 years ago. Oh, just lost track of where I was going again. Is my stream of consciousness too tiring?

    (Looking at pictures of food also comforts me in times of need so here are some shots from Tartine in San Francisco!)

    chocolate chip cookie from Tartine Bakery

    Tartine Bakery usually has ridiculous lines out the door but we lucked out this time around although we still had to wait a while for our food. We started out with a nice big cookie while we waited for our food since there's never anything wrong with dessert before a meal! Don't believe old wives tales (or tell my mom that I said this)!

    quiche from Tartine Bakery

    My pick: a slice of quiche. At first I wondered if I should have gone with two slices but one was definitely enough. Mine had crème fraîche, local eggs, ham, and various herbs. So filling and perfectly flaky! There was also a vegetarian option with tomatoes which I will try eventually for sure.

    spicy turkey sandwich from Tartine Bakery

    His pick: a pressed spicy turkey sandwich. What's inside escapes me but I'm sure you can look at their menu online (I can't open pdfs here, pfft). He ended up super full and still had to take a slice home! Definitely something you can share with someone else.

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back to school, not so cool (but food will always make things better)

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