Tuesday, May 19, 2009

why I haven't updated

    BDG cigarette jeans, H&M tank, BDG cardigan, Converse sneakers

    And outfits like these are exactly why I have refrained from updating. A lethal combination of lethargy and stress has put me out of commission for over a week and although I'm done for the most part, I still haven't recovered. I've been away from the internet for most of the week focusing on things IRL and trying to survive what seems to be the toughest semester for me so far. Thanks for understanding, guys. At least now I'm done with tests and have just one more paper to go and then I have to start searching for a job. I'm staying positive, though!

    (Wearing my gold cardigan to show my Laker pride. GO LAKERS GO!)

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why I haven't updated

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