Thursday, May 21, 2009

questions answered

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    I'M FREE! Thought I'd celebrate by going through my comments and answering a random assortment of questions before I take care of things like washing/untangling my hair and getting ready to meet BF's mom at dinner. Oh, exciting! I'm just glad this semester is over and I can finally take a break.

    Q: Do you mind telling how tall you are?
    A: Somewhere between 5'9"-10". I think I shrank this past year.

    Q: Don't mind my asking, but what is your background?
    A: My mother is Mexican and my father is Vietnamese.

    Q: How do you keep your over-the-knee socks from falling down?
    A: I think it depends on the brand. I have this one pair that never stay up because the elastic stretched out really fast. The Target ones are my favorites because they're the tight enough (but not too tight).

    Q: What kind of camera do you use?
    A: Sony Cybershot DSC-W55 for outfit posts. I have film cameras (Minolta SRT-201 & Polaroid SX-70) as well but they get less use. I want to buy an SLR within the following year!

    Q: Just wondering, what lipstick are you wearing?
    A: In most posts, the red lipstick is YSL Opium Red. I used to wear MAC Russian Red but ditched it after buying this YSL one.

    Q: May I ask if you trim your bangs yourself or if you just pay regular visits to the hairdresser?
    A: I usually trim them myself unless I'm down in LA where my hairdresser is. I've been going to the same person for eight years and have never let anyone else touch my hair.

    Q: How do you have such magical bangs?
    A: The cut!! When I'm bored with the blunt bangs it's easy to brush them aside (although it may require some hair spray for optimal cooperation).

    Q: Are those good headphones?
    A: The Panasonic RP HTX7 ones? To be completely honest, I bought them because I'm obsessed with white accessories! The sound quality is decent to me and gets the job done since I'm not too picky about how music sounds. I'm fine as long as they block out all the idiots I encounter on the bus and train LOL.

    Q: How do you stay so thin? Do you work out a lot?
    A: I think my fingers get more exercise than the rest of my body does! I signed up for a gym membership once but never went. Wait no, I stepped in for free ice cream once. So then, the answer is a big fat NO. I do walk a lot to get around but I'm sure that barely balances out my unhealthy diet of Jack in the Box and frozen yogurt four times a week. I wish I were joking but it's 100% true.

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