Friday, April 24, 2009

whomadeyouthe j u d g e ??

    I don’t write blogs for a reason... One being I suck at it and tend to turn it into a rant that ends up leading nowhere fast and the second being that I’ll more than likely offend + I have a terrible potty mouth so escoozy le french lovelies.

    I’m just a tad sick and tired of all the ugly in the blog world... all those sad little buggers thinking they have the right to squeeze the fun out of everything and everyone. Like we don’t have enough in the real world to stress about on the daily yes?? And what gives any of you the right to hop on another’s blog and voice to them and the world how ugly or skanky you think she or her outfit is and then chuck in your two cents on how YOU think she should dress?? I’m sorry; Fashion may be a bitchy industry but why add to it?? The comment I just read that basically said ‘that’s what fashion is, so get over It.’ is seriously a load of crapola. Don’t blame the fashion industry for all your hate and bitterness hunny. That ugly’s all on you!! I live for fashion, I study fashion, I want to be in fashion and I sure as hell don’t have the same urges you do to go and have a bitch and try bring another down. N O O N E , not you, not the industry, not anyone has the right to judge another. So they keep saying ‘we have the right to our own opinion’ but not on another person we don’t. And if anything these blogs should be our own take on fashion, how we want to look or express ourselves. Not how you want us to look or express ourselves. That’s exactly the side of fashion I hate. And not just fashion. People and the world in general. Were you born a sheep... born to follow what others tell you and are you happy to live your life hiding behind piss weak excuses and anonymous labels?? Cause I sure as hell wasn’t or don’t!! I want to fucking stand out, and stand out for a reason other than being a catty, dried up, old, judgemental, fashion hag!!

    That’s all I have to say for now... And for shame you negative Nancy’s out there... f o r s h a m e !!

    love love liv <3

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whomadeyouthe j u d g e ??

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