Friday, October 3, 2008

Paris fashion S/S 2009 Versus Economical panic

    "A week of tumult in Washington that spread panic 
    throughout the world’s economies 
    ended last night with the US House of Representatives passing 
    the $700 billion rescue package amid emotional scenes on Capitol Hill." 

    "It will be truly magnificent. It's a massive 35-foot recreation of our famous 31 Rue Cambon.
     Wait 'til you see it. It will be absolutely epic!" 
    Karl Lagerfeld

    The american Senate approved a revised version of the bail-out plan last night.
    But Paris fashion merry go round keeps turning on...

    Photographs, journalists and buyers keep running from one decadent shows to another.
    The starlets seated in the front row during the show are going crazy for the dresses.
    But that's the way fashion goes....

    I was wondering if writing about fashion today was proper or decent.

    But after a stressing day, it's just a blessing to indulge myself withsuperficial and relaxing things
    such has reading Coutorture website about the last fashion reports.

    So, i will write today about the most immature subjects: the last gossips of the shows
    and the clothes that caught my eyes.

    Mc Queen-The scary rabbit

    Mc Queen S/S 2009 -Where is the fashion police ?

    Today, a fashion show has to be extravangant and marketed, 
    or there is little chance that magazines and fashion blogs will speak about it. 

    Galliano is the master of super Fashion shows. 
    Yesterday Mc Queen, who is also famous for his amazing shows, 
    went on the catwalk dressed has a rabbit and lucky him,
     one of his model: Abbey Lee Kershaw faithed...
    I never knew that modelling coud be a dangerous work ....

    The fainted model

    ✓ Karl Lagerfeld, an other master of marketing, 
    want us to believed that Chanel can be young, trendy and Rock'roll.

    Chanel ready-to-wear line with the show’s opening song, 
    “Our House,” a 1982 hit by the British band Madness. 
    (You may recall it: “…in the middle of our street…”) 

     The show, which took place in Paris’s Grand Palais, featured a set design 
    of an elegant building, which represented the “house of Chanel.”

    Always well-merchandised, the runway included a white quilted guitar case 
    and, in another look, a Chanel guitar accompanied 
    a model in the Chanel version of a flamenco dress.

     ( this is just an advice..... )
    Please don't ....
    (if you ever want to become the next baby rocker girl)
    buy this Guitar or 
    you won't be taken seriously.

    The last silly gossip: 
    Panic on the catwalk! 

    Sacha Baron Cohen's gay Austrian fashion show presenter alter-ego: Bruno- is in Paris 
    and he's filming for his upcoming movie at Fashion Week.
    Bruno crashes the catwalk during the Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Spring/Summer 2009 show. 
    Today, Cohen ( you remenber his last caracter: Borat) was able to get into Charles De Castelbajac show.
    He started writing letters to the models, jumped on stage and walked down the catwalk.

    I warned you, this post is just about silly news....

    That's all for today's gossip; my internet connection is so bad tonight - I can't write ....

    Tomorrow, i will show you the cutest "hat" ever made....

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Paris fashion S/S 2009 Versus Economical panic

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