Friday, October 10, 2008

My imaginary museum part 2: Childhood songs

    It now the time to keep writing about my imaginary museum.
    Do you remenber the rules i imposed myself, when i didn't find a way  to answer the bloggers's tag questions.
    The movie of my mind and a good way to inderstand where are coming my inspirations.

    This time i try to think about the music i was hearing when i was a child and not yet a kid. 
    The end of the 70's and the mid 80's. 
    When i search for music videos, it was hard to decide , i came up with 20 of them.
    I will post about the Chilhood Music of my imaginary museum: 4 differents posts.

    Next, week i would like to post about vintage,and i had to finally write about my last trip to NY and Florence.
    I hope to have the time this week.

    Madonna - "Into the Groove"-1985
    I was listening the album with my sister while playing Barbie (of course....) and we were looking the movie: "Desperately Seeking Susan". This is one of the worst movie of the 80's. 
    In 85, I think all the little girls in America and Europa were dancing on this record.

    Mozart from "Die Zauberflöte":"Der Hölle Rache"
    I wanted badly at 10 to become an opera singer.
    I saw operas and concerts and i was so impress by the conductors and the divas.
    I was trying to sing the chorus very badly under the shower ( poor familly had to endure that).

    Cyndi Lauper-All through the night-1983
    She was my favorite singer, i was loving her crazy style and sweet behaviors.
    " She's So Unusual" (1983) was the first vinyl, i ever owned. Lauper is still for me one of the best singer living today.
    The record was playing all day in my room. I remenber that the single "Girls just want to have fun" was a number 1.
    I saw this concert on the french TV and was very impressed by her voice in Live. I have been so moved.
    Even if i was enjoying the Madonna album, Cyndi surpassed her by her voice, swing and style.

    Jean Michel Jarre-Zoolook-1984
    This album and artist are linked to the work of my parents. My parents were devoted with passion and energy to work.
    This kind of music was playing all day or i was sleeping sometimes in recording studios.
    I had a true affection for this video and music. But this sound was linked to sad feelings too, my parents were working very hard , travelling for business far way from us. A child don't always understand why ...
    All childs, feel this someday.The video is from Caro & Genet.

    this song was playing in my familly house juxebox. Inside thay was a lot of rock songs but this was my best dance song ever.
    When people were outside in the garden at night the juxebox was playing and we were parting untill bedtime.
    I wasn't understanding the erotical meaning of this song at the time.

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My imaginary museum part 2: Childhood songs

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