Sunday, September 21, 2008

My imaginary museum part 1

    I woke up so early this morning: 6 am.
    I sat in front of my computer and began to look through Youtube.
    Some of those videos are from my favorites movies and 
    others are some of my favorite movie moments.

    I began with Picnic with Kim Novak, 
    she is so incredibly sexy in this dance with William Holden.
    The music is magical too: a mix of piano (Stardust)
     and the orchestra ( playing Picnic theme).

    I had to have more Kim Novak.
    So i began to search for my favorite Vertigo moment with her.
    Even, on my computer screen and on the small youtube video,
     i got move everytime she looks at the camera.
    Last week, i had to answer to some tags for the blog 
    and one of the question was:"what are your favorite movies?"
    I said Vertigo, Laura and The Red shoes.

    I realized that i have get 3 or 10 favorites movies, i have hundred of favorites movies 
    and videos that i can see again and again sometimes only 5 min of them. 
    Some of those sequences may not are always unforgetable to the film fans, 
    sometime, even, they are out of fashion or stereotype:
     but they are just a montage of the images of my imaginary museum.

    I found the tag questions incredibly difficult to answer.
    I have difficulty to answer questions about what i am and what i like.
    Picking and choosing some of my favorites images is the best way
     i found to speak about myself and my tastes.
    It's why, i will now post videos and movies sequences 
    of this imaginary museum regularly on my blog: this movie of my mind.

    I am conviced that the images we love to see often 
    are the only way to enter someone's mind.
    Here are some of them.........

    I hope you will enjoy them and tell me if you want 
    more of my imaginary museum in your comments.

    Picnic (1955)

    Vertigo (1958)

    The red shoes (1948)

    Laura (1944)

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My imaginary museum part 1

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