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U got the look: ELISA

    Dear readers,
    Let me introduce you my first guest in " U got the look " inspiring girls: Elisa.
    Come with me and enter her world.

    I'm 100% italian and I live in a small town near the french coast.
     I actually stay in Milano very often because of my work

- Job ? I'm a free lance stylist and creative , booking agent and PR.

- Studies ? I spent one year in a hype art school in Nice.......
    then I started to learn things by myself trough my passions and my curiosity

- Style icons Jane Birkin, Irina Lazareanu, Liv Tyler

- describe your personnal style
    I love colors , I love to combine them in special way.
     I’m obsessed by tights and that’s the reason why I often wear skirts and dresses. 
    I have a good collection of vintage t-shirts and I love to wear them with cardigans.
     I’m very proud of my shoes selection, mostly vintage.
     I use accessories to give a special mood to my outfits.

- favorite designers ? I have a crush for Luella. I adore Tsumori Chisato and Anna Sui. 
    Marc Jacobs is an evergreen for me.

    - favorite fashion magazine and blog
    I love Jalouse mag, Lula and I read Nylon sometimes.
     I’d love to find a good make up magazine.
     I often say I’d love to know more about make up in fashion shootings,
     they rarely write about cosmetics used in fashion pages.
     I have some bookmarks I daily read, one of them is Style Bubble, of course.

- your favorite item my fav item ever?
     Maybe a Birkin by Hermes, definitely in blue jean color. 
    If I have to choose between MY items it will be my vintage boots I bought some years ago on ebay. 
    I love them, I actually can’t live without.
     I feel a romantic obsession for my old sam & libby flats, even if I can’t wear them anymore.

    - favorite beauty products and Brand – give me some beauty secrets:
    I have a "coupe de coeur", a crush at the moment: it's jasmin oil for my hair. 
    This is my beauty secret of last winter, to obtain shiny and soft hair during the bad-weather season.
    Another product I love is Fair and Lovely cream, I buy it in Milan in Indian shops 
    and it’s a must have for my fairnessI can't live without lipstick and blush. 
    I'm actually in love with Lustering lipstick shade from M.A.C and a peachy / coral blush from Zara shop.
     I was looking for the perfect coral mood and I found this one as the perfect one for me.
    I love mascara but I often forget to use it, don't know why. 
    I love BAD GAL from Benefit and I use another cheap mascara at 3.99 euros which is really really really black. .
    My latest tip is: “stop dying your hair ! “ , I really recommend to try this once in your life.

- what is your perfume ?
    I love to change and discover new scents. Im waiting for new from Stella Mc Cartney, 
    I use "Stella " during the winter season and "Peony " when spring is coming .
    Others perfumes I like : Premier Figuier, Jour de fete and Tea for two from L'artisan Parfumeur, 
    Comme des Garçons serie 5 : sherbet , Mint scent from Comme des garçons, Lou Lou from Cacharel,
     Mitsouko and Jardin des Bagatelles from Guerlain.
    I want to buy “Teint de Neige” de Villoresi , it's my latest fav scent!

    - do you love tattou ? not so much, let's say I don't like them on me but at the same time 
    I’d love to have one which is really symbolic to me and better not visible.
     I love too keep my skin natural and fairy .

- flats or heels ? flats, definitely. I will make a confession: I think heels are so uncomfortable,
     I can wear wedges anyway.

- how long do you take to dress up ? 
    Not so much to dress up, maybe a little more to make up and do my brushing. 
    I iron my hair every day and it takes a little time. 
    I need something like 45 minutes to be ready and go out.

- Do you wear vintage ? where do you buy it ? yes, mostly on ebay, especially shoes.
    some shops on ebay:
    I usually follow flea markets in France and when I travel to Paris or Berlin I have some favourite shops.

    Paris: vintage shops in Rue des Rosiers (for boots), Guerissol (my fav place for cheap items), Killiwatch of course, chez Mamie, Ken Claude for American stuff and a really lovely shop called Culotte , dans le Marais.
    Berlin: Paul’s boutique (a great selection of vintage sneakers), Garage, Calypso for shoes.

- Do you dye your hairs ? Not anymore. I've been black during many years, red once during 6 month, then I started to dye my hair in brunette to let them grow in my natural color. I'm actually a very natural brunette, I dindn't dye my hair since one year and I feel so good.

- Your inspirations :Music, books, movies ….
    I’m very inspired by Italo disco and French new wave from the 80s’. Cheesy music with synths , female vocals and arpeggio. Some names: The Flirts, Fake, Fancy, Elli et Jacno, Mathematiques modernes, Alexander Robotnik, Casco, Diana Est...

    Click on this tape to listen for Elisa pics:

    Music is very inspiring me for fashion especially.
    I love french movies from la nouvelle vague . It's definitely the most influential for fashion ever

- Do you follow the fashion trend?
    I try to understand what’s trendy and buy some “must have”,
    then try to fit it with vintage , always.

- Do you think that fashion is too expensive ?
    I try to make it cheaper. Let’s say I’m very lucky with vintage
    and I always find something really nice and at the same time really cheap. That’s easy on ebay.

- Do you use organics products ?
    I have some organic stuff from American Apparel
    and some lingerie by H&M in organic cotton.

- How many clothes do you buy per month ?
    It really depends if I find interesting items.
    I usually buy one pair of shoes, a dress and some tops every month.
    A bag every two months, but it happens I'm on holidays or travelling somewhere
    so I find cool stuff to buy...or surely during season sales my shopping drastically increase.
    Or also, for example, I bought 3 pair of shoes this month,
    3 vintage bags because of the flea markets,
    and a lot of accessories because I was really inspired and lucky ahaha

- How many cosmetics do you buy per month ?
    Many, I buy stuff for my beauty routine once a month.
    Foundation, cleanser, my daily cream.
    Then I try to test some new products when I can, let's say once a week.

- Where have you spend your last vacations ?
    Paris, for the new year eve, this was my last trip. I really need a vacation right now.
    I usually travel very often but this year I had a lo of work,
    that’s great but now I need to relax heheh

- What is your dream vacation spot ?
    I need an intensive relax vacation ! I want to go to L.A as well.

    - Who is your favorite living fashion icon ? My dear friend Valeria

- Who is the worst fashion icon ?
    Fergie, I’m really disappointed when people defines her as Icon.
    I really can't understand it.

- What fashion designers will you never buy ? and why ? D&G , so “mauvais goût”.

- Would you like to become famous ?
    Who not, but I understand the risk.
    I'd prefer to keep my "underground" attitude anyway...
    Or being famous for something good I’m doing...

    - Describe a little the photos of your bag, your bathroom with the products, Your dressing, your room and a item you cherish.
    My phone and my blackberry, vintage sunglasses, my ipod, lipstick by mac,
    red moleskine, some money , marc jacobs mirror, blush and foundation,
    lip balm and primer, sunscreen, chews.

    I love Avene, I use clinique somethimes as well,
    I love to try different shampoo (I actually use phytogenium by Phyto or Klorane).
    This is my jasmine oil for hair....then a sweet scrub in violet scent,
    sunscreen, caudalie purity mask, crealine h20 for demakeup,
    massage oil and eau thermale avene and Bourjois oxygen deodorant.

    This is a selection of my fav items in my dressing: My vintage yellow dress, skirt I bought my first time at kiliwatch, vintage dress kinda disco, vintage sweater and pull with fancy applications, summer dress, a lilica tailleur, pink pull bought in Berlin. Some shoes , vintage.

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U got the look: ELISA

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