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All about Heels

    John Willie (1902-1962)

    This week in Aurea's Blog, Benjy the Oracle Dog answered me about a question.
    " how do Parisian women manage to walk in 5-inch heels?"
    This april the US Vogue wrote about "happy feet" and "Towering heels weren't necessarily made for walking" (Oh,really !).
    Vogue recommends you nicely to use foot balm and reminds you that treatments such as injectable implants (fillers and fat) can cushioned the boniest part of the foot.

    To tell you the true i have 4 heels of Christian Louboutin, 
    but i can't wear them. 
    It's making me cramps under the foots in 5 min. There are beautiful but not confortable. 
    I really think that heels is masochist & link to altocalciphilia (a fetish for high heels). 
    Girls who love style & fashion are obsessed by heels.
    But, do you want to suffer to be elegant and to have 
    this unblievable shape a 10 cm heels makes? 
    Painful heels, pointed toes, patent leather: the big trend in footwear 
    this season 2008 is again fetishism 
     (" an object . . . which serves as the stimulus to, or the end in itself of, sexual desire").
    The fashion magazines and fashion journalists(sitting at the first raw fashion shows) reveal this obsession for those sexual vertiginous heels.

    See this cover of Julian Moore shooted by Mario Testino and Carine Roitfeld. On the cover of Playboy; Oh, No, sorry this is the french Vogue mai 2008 the inevitable Bible of Porno chic fashion. You will point out the cover "très refined"!

    A woman feels better if she believes she's looking good, but isn't that just because she's getting sexual attention, in which case, isn't it ultimately another example of women
     suffering physical discomfort for male attention? 
    Those heels for some of us, nearly suicidal and it's
     not rare to see a model falling down wearing them during shows. 

     David Lynch and Christian Louboutin have collaborated for the parisian photography show Fetish (2007), in which two women pose in a Blue Velvet atmosphere for Lynch, wearing Louboutin shoes that are definitely not made for walking, but would probably be perfect for walking over a grateful masochist. 

    Louboutin sayed:
    Many only see shoe as a functionnal accessory to be able walk. 
    However, some are made to run, others to swim… Some are made for sex. 
    If there is an element of fetishism in a wardrobe, it is the female shoe, 
    even without stilettos. It has appearance of an indian totem."
    The shoes are so high the women are basically en pointe. 

    W.Rossi in the sex life of the foot and shoe (1974) says that "High heels have no functional role; they are originally worn to increase height and stature. They acts to eroticize the legs by plantarflexing ankle, jointactivating gluteal muscles, makes breasts more prominent via spinal lordosis. Causes a number of pathologies, including digital deformities, corns and calluses, ankle equinus, lower back pain...The wearing of high heels is compulsory. However, many women volontarily subject themselves to pain and deformity in preference to wearing confortable shoes."

    A Louboutin fanatic, the burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese claimed that she "literally" could not put her feet flat on the floor, having worn such high stilettos for so long. " She even stand on her tiptoes in the shower and walking around her house barefoot. 
    Trendy girls and fashionnistas are wearing what fashion trends have to offer to her. But do you want to walk with the shoes of a burlesque dancer or a lap dancer ?
    Up to you ladies...

    If you really love to suffer i recommend to buy yourself this footpetals Stiletto Survival Kit.
    I have a secret address in Paris for your innocent feet.
    The Podologue/Podiatrist: Madame André-53 rue de Lyon-75012 Paris 0143465455

    And if you need desperatly high heels, here come some...
     if you are really "masochist": Alexander Mcqueen- Crocodile pumps- 1440$ !
    If you want to be the sexiest girl on the block, 
    have a look at Bernie Dexter
     stilettos (very sexy, vinyl and affordable heels).

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